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This style of double exposure is perfect for capturing the spirit that we all love to see in our children. Encouraging them to express their creative selves while creating a visual representation of this stage of their lives for you to forever hold onto.


these are just 2 of the styles we offer so make sure to check out our gallery for everything we do!

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Looking for another fun way to capture your brand, business, new holiday photos to send your family? Our portraits, whether solo or with your team are the creative answer you've been looking for. Stand out from everyone else with them!


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“You are delightful ay-eff.” I retained zero details from the interaction that led to a lady giving me this label, but when I heard it, I knew that I was gonna plaster it everywhere and live it as best as I possibly could. 

Hi there! I’m Sarah Jo Wrinkle. I am delightful as fuck, and so is my work.

As a kid, I could go through a disposable camera in no time (so very many candids). Going out in my early 20s required a point-and-shoot in my back pocket (oh, the blackmail that lives on lost hard drives). And when the first kid came along and I happily shelled out money for sessions every other month, my husband bought me a Nikon D3300 and told me I could do just as good’a job. So, Blue Betty Photography was started in a pasture next to an oak tree with a toddler in a poofy dress and big-ass hair bow who needed a nap.

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